It has been a beautiful autumn here on Beaver Island. One for the record books, I think, with warm temperatures lasting well into November. Even the frost held off longer than usual, and several people remarked that they remembered “a foot of snow on the ground” by this time in other years.

The colors were outstanding. Maybe not as many reds as I’ve seen in other years, but the yellows, oh my! For one essay on a walk through the woods, I turned to Google, requesting “synonyms for yellow” as my vocabulary fell short of the brilliant colors around me. Every day, I’d think, “this must be peak color…” only to be proven wrong by the next day, and the next. I’d tell myself, “surely I have enough photographs of the colors this fall…” and then I’d chide myself for not having my camera when faced with yet another glorious landscape.

The greens turned to orange, and the yellows turned bronze as the weeks went by. The blends of colors changed, but only for the better, it seemed. As the fall winds shook leaves to the ground, it seemed to simply clarify and enhance the color that was left. A heavy rain turned the tree trunks dark, which proved a brilliant foil to the glistening leaves. Fall continued that way, longer than any of us expected, and probably longer than we deserved.

No more. A week of high winds caused our ferry boat to abort one trip, and cancel a couple others. It made us contemplative about “the winds of November” on the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. It took down trees and power lines. And it stripped the trees of their bright colors.

I’ve saved what I could of the color, in autumn leaves pressed in the pages of books, and in one thousand photographs. The view, though, has moved into a drearier realm. I offer a sigh, for another season gone and a bleaker landscape ahead.



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  1. wow,,, what a change in color and mood! the golden colors are stunning, yet there is something comforting in the more-somber ones as well… of course, when the temps get below freezing, i find little pleasure in the landscapes!!! scotty, beam me back to the tropics, though i do miss a lot that i left behind!

    • Yes, I hate to think of the long, cold days we have ahead of us yet. I do enjoy the changing seasons, but with age, the bitter cold is my least favorite. If I had a place in the tropics, I’d feel the same as you, I’m sure!

  2. Oh how I love your photographs! I don’t mention that enough. Today in my little area of Minnesota we had our first snow. The wind is howling. Winter is coming slowly – the little snow we got today will probably be melted before the new week begins. But oh, what a glorious autumn we’ve had! Colors galore, just like you describe on Beaver Island. Hang on tight – I hear there’s going to be quite a winter to come.

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