Daily Archives: November 20, 2016

The 52 Lists Project #47



List the things you are grateful for:

  • My loving family who also happen to be interesting, intelligent, compassionate, creative and funny. I appreciate each and every one.
  • My friends, near and far who share my past as well as my present, giving validity and joy to both.
  • My dogs, who make every single day more enjoyable (except for the getting into the trash, Darla, and the peeing on the laundry room floor, Miss Rosa Parks…nothing enjoyable about those things, just in case you’re reading).
  • My teeth. I broke a back tooth last week while eating like my eighteenth caramel apple of the season (I know! I should have seen it coming!), and it caused me to appreciate my teeth even more.
  • My dentist, Wendy Widmayer-White, who shares my passion for Affy Tapple and kindly and painlessly keeps my teeth functioning properly.
  • My cozy little house.
  • The stars in the sky (Beaver Island is one of the – rare – dark sky areas in North America, so it’s possible to really appreciate the stars here).
  • The water all around. There really is nothing else quite like living on an island.