Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hello world!


“Life is so Short, we should Move very Slowly”

This is my plan:  slow down…savor the days…and the moments that make up the days…treasure each day.

In the last several months, my family has encountered terrible loss and tragedy. As families do, we clung to each other, and we endured. I like to believe we came through it all stronger, kinder and better for what we suffered together. We are buoyed by good news and new beginnings. Our family has also enjoyed a wedding, welcoming a new member to our family group. We’ve loved seeing all the babies and small children at our gatherings, and we’ve appreciated the time to come together with family and friends.

I have felt shattered, ragged and vulnerable…but, one step at a time, I am moving forward.

I choose to live better for what I’ve learned. I want to live with intention, to cherish my life and the family and friends that populate it. I want to notice the moments as they go by…before they’re gone.