Daily Archives: November 26, 2016

Barely There



I got up earlier than usual to write, this morning. My computer was glitching out again last night with slow service and other issues. Sites – like this one – that usually come up automatically on my computer were instead asking for a password.  I couldn’t switch from one site to another without everything freezing up, so password retrieval was impossible. Unfortunately, it’s not much better this morning.

I have reset the modem once, and shut down the computer three times already. Finally, I am at least on my blog site, and was able to bring up a photograph – all impossible last evening. Still, if I move the cursor too quickly to the left – which I never do on purpose – I lose my entire desktop screen in exchange for a bright red “app update” screen that I have no use for. Then I have to pull up the other screen again: the one with the grid on it, with the desktop being one of the options. Then, it seems to be an almost impossible task to click on the desktop icon without once again losing everything. It takes at least a half-dozen tries before I can get back to this screen, that I never purposely left in the first place.

This computer, with its new technology, seems to demand grace and coordination, in addition to basic computer skills. I’m afraid I’m not up for the job! I am terrified to make the wrong move, for fear of losing everything. I cannot work under this kind of pressure! I certainly cannot come up with any kind of creative writing.

I feel like I don’t know enough about computer terminology to even describe the problems I’m having, in language that makes me sound reasonably intelligent. When I finally break down and call for assistance, I can barely describe the problem. I never know if it’s a server issue, or a computer issue, the modem, the touch pad…or just me. I find myself saying things like, “you know, that blue blob,” or “that ring of dots,” or – in a true whine – “I can’t find the delete key!”

Today, when I have to be at work in an hour, I don’t have time to try for better solutions. I’m just trying hard not to make any unnecessary movements. Just type, cautiously, and send it out there. I’ll try to do better tomorrow.