Time is an essential theme in my work.

There is  real time that happens as the work is being created, frozen in the marks left behind.

I like the process of making things, and I like for the methods to show. Fingerprints and brushstrokes; layers and drips of paint; the marks a pencil leaves to create the illusion of shadow…these invite the viewer in to share  the experience.

There are varied ways we record and mark the passage of time. We chart the past, the present and the future. We record our weather, our birthdays and our chores. We watch time in minutes, hours, days, months, seasons and years.

Calendars in all their forms fascinate me, from hatch-marks on a wall to moon charts, horoscopes, day-runners and diaries.

I like to create calendars of a different kind: ones that allow my heart and my hands to assemble the “essence” of my day from the bits and detritus that have caught my eye; ones that take into consideration the days that go by without notice… the irretrievable, unforgettable, special hours…and the moments when time seems to stand still.

My influences are: calendars, ancient and modern; light filtered through stained glass windows or tree canopies; old photographs; and good poetry.

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    • Yes, I sell my art, but it doesn’t come close to supporting me. At this time I have work in about a half dozen galleries. I get a few commissions and sell a few pieces each year, which keeps it from piling up unreasonably under the beds and in the closets, but that’s about it! Thanks for asking, Yvonne!

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