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Not Taking It Personally — notquiteold


This post by Nancy Roman is one of many that has reflected my thoughts over the last two days.

Yesterday, the morning after the election, I was already being told not to be so upset -“Don’t take it so hard” – that the outcome of this election will not affect me personally. And I guess it won’t. except: – That I care about people having access to healthcare – That I care about protecting […]

via Not Taking It Personally — notquiteold

Timeout for Art: From Nothing



Sometimes, collage is wonderful for its delicate richness, or for looking quite lavish though created from humble scraps.

Sometimes, collage is wonderful for not rising above the materials.

I like this piece for that reason exactly. It is made of paper and cardboard scraps, cut or torn or simply found, sometimes separated in layers to reveal a rough surface. Paint, scraped across the surface with a bit of stiff paper, grabs onto the textures and edges. It’s a tough surface: it seems to have taken a bit of rough treatment, and is ready for more.