Daily Archives: November 7, 2016




I don’t know if I’d consider myself “lucky.”

I am not a big winner in most circumstances.

There was a time, as a child, when I was very lucky at Bingo. Then, there was a dry spell that lasted more than forty years. Not that I played Bingo all that time, no. After a year or two of never winning at bingo, it became the most un-fun thing I could think of, and I quit going. I went again, a year or two ago with my sisters. I had fun, and won a little bit. Maybe I’ll re-think my attitude about it.

I love to gamble, though only with very small stakes. I used to play poker regularly:”penny ante, three cent limit.” I almost always lost, but never much. I played cribbage with my father-in-law, “penny a point, double on skunk.” We’d just keep track, and every Christmas he’d give me a little slip of paper erasing my cribbage debt for the past year. Euchre, we’d play “dime a game, plus nickel a corn.” A “corn” was either a set, or a case of taking all the tricks. Since it was a partners game, any winnings or losses were split.

When the Michigan Lotto first started, my husband and I had a subscription. It cost $50.00 for a whole year, which was one drawing a week for 52 weeks, a savings of two dollars over purchasing the tickets without a subscription. My six numbers were always the same: the month and day of my birthday, and of my two daughters birthdays.Shortly after I got divorced, the Lotto increased to two drawings a week, so my subscription ran out before the year was out. I could never afford another.

I used to be afraid to look at the Lotto numbers, for fear my numbers would have been drawn when I didn’t have a ticket. Now, thirty-some years later, I’ve quit being afraid. My numbers have never come in. If I’d bought a single ticket for each of the drawings for all of those years, I’d have invested more than three thousand dollars, and wouldn’t have won a thing. Looked at that way, I’ve kind of won, by default! Maybe I am lucky!