Daily Archives: November 3, 2016

Timeout for Art: Monolith



After years of toying with slab bowls and the potter’s wheel, of borrowing from or flat out stealing every single good idea I saw in the work of the students and teachers around me, or in twenty years of back issues of Ceramic Monthly magazine…I finally fell into a pattern, and a style that felt like my own.

I worked with squeezed and rolled ropes of very soft, wet clay. I could plan the shape and form it, but only to a point. The weight and moisture content seemed to give the clay a mind of its own. I liked that. I enjoy letting the materials I’m working with dictate the direction.  So, the sags and oozes gave the work a distinctive look. I embellished the surface with various openings and texture. Also, the uncontrolled changes that took place in the kiln added character. I mended cracks with irregular balls of silver solder, and added washes of paint to enhance areas of the surface where the glazing or reduction-color was less than I wanted.

This piece – at about 60 inches high and 42 inches at its widest point – is the largest of these sculptures that I made.