Daily Archives: November 24, 2016

Giving Thanks, Sporadic Service, Timeout for Art…and a List or So



That’s a long title, so let me jump right in, here. My internet has been awful for more than twenty-four hours, now. I think it’s the internet service, due to the behavior of the little circle of dots that goes around when the computer is working on something: the dots are moving very slowly, and somewhat erratically. Then they disappear, the screen freezes up, the keyboard doesn’t work and – my go-to solution – control/alt/delete does not even function properly. I’ve managed to do a couple restarts, which also didn’t repair the problem, and twice had to just manually turn the machine off. Things I’ve tried, and have¬† been unable to do:

  • Watch the Thanksgiving episode of This is Us
  • Respond to comments on WordPress
  • Play on-line Scrabble
  • Download photographs from my camera
  • Check the weather
  • Do a Google search
  • Connect with the scanner

That is on top of not being able to switch from a slow or non-working application to any other, not being able to work the keys, etc., etc.

So, my art offering, I’m sorry, is a poor, blurry photograph that happens to be already on the computer. This is actually quite a nice collagraph print, though hard to tell from the photo.


My post yesterday, about the JFK assassination, brought a few interesting responses that I have been unable to answer. My friend Bob said he had also not seen coverage of the anniversary of the tragedy. Lisa mentioned that the news also didn’t seem to be covering the hurricane currently threatening Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I’ve been frustrated at the lack of national news coverage of the peaceful protests going on at Standing Rock. I started thinking about what I have learned. Now, I don’t have television, but I do go to several news sites on the computer. Without going back to refresh my memory, these are the news items that stuck with me:

  • There was a meeting in Washington D.C. of alt-right conservatives (who, according to some reports, are neo-Nazis with a better name) who ended the meeting by raising their arms in the Nazi salute and shouting “Hail Trump.” Trump later, when asked, denounced their actions. That brought mixed responses, some sounding disgruntled that he had distanced himself, others saying that was to be expected, and others saying that he is still more in line with their beliefs than anyone else at that level.
  • Trump is looking at appointing the young, female governor of South Carolina to a Cabinet-level position.
  • Ellen DeGeneres received a high honor from the president (this was actually news I was pleased to learn).
  • A horrific school bus crash in Tennessee left several children dead.
  • Kanye West, oh, my god. I knew he was a singer, married to Kim Kardashian, with two children named North and Saint, and that he went into some kind of a rant to Taylor Swift at a music awards show several years ago. That, alone, is way more information than I need to have about Kanye West! And yet, in the last couple days, I’ve also learned that he is a rap singer, that he went into another rant, walked off a stage after arriving late for his performance, cancelled a tour, was later brought by ambulance to a hospital where he has been diagnosed with some kind of mental breakdown. Due, I think, to dehydration and stress…possibly due to the robbery of his wife in Paris last month (where she was attending fashion week…does it never stop???).

That’s it; that’s all I can remember of the news I’ve seen. Some things I’d like to know:

  • What is the weather now, off the coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and how are they braced for the storm?
  • What is going on with that Keystone Pipeline, and is there hope of stopping it? On a social media site, I’ve seen support for the peaceful protesters – who are trying, merely, to ensure the quality of their water and preserve what little reservation land they have, including ancestral burial grounds –¬† coming from all corners of the globe. I’ve seen photos of the protesters being arrested, attacked by dogs, placed in cages, shot with rubber bullets and fire hoses…will it ever stop? Is Obama working on this? Is there something that can be done (and then I ask, that cannot be undone by the next administration?)? Is this making the news?
  • And what, dear god, is going on, now, in Aleppo?

In my small world here on Beaver Island, I am thankful. Though it’s a cold and drizzly day, the weather is not life-threatening. I have my heater going and am cozy inside. Though I care deeply about injustice and tragedy, I am able to turn away from it, when it gets too much to bear. For some people in this world, that is their reality, and there is no turning away. My biggest problems, this morning, are the three pounds I’ve gained since the weather turned cold, and my sporadic internet service. I know how lucky I am to be able to say that.