No Wandering


dec 19 and 21 031

There are hunters in the woods today.

Here in northern Michigan, this is opening day of whitetail deer hunting season. There are cars and trucks parked on roadsides and in “turn-arounds”, with no driver in sight. As night comes on, the lights of vehicles are visible deep in the trees as hunters leave their blinds for the warmth and camaraderie of restaurants, bars and cabins.

The dogs and I stay home this time of year.

No walk down the Cotter’s Trail; there are at least three groups of hunters down that way. No wandering down the trail to the hunting cabin behind me, as it’s being used this year, too. I won’t try to walk down the Fox Lake Road, with the woods on either side. Hunters are generally a friendly bunch, but they are still strangers to my dogs, and turn up in unlikely places. Hunters are careful, but they still carry guns.

We stay home.

I walked three miles at work today, mainly running from the housewares section – where I am still arranging things – to the telephone or the cash register.

At home, I took the dogs for one circle around the yard, only.

Inside, I worked through my exercise tape while rice was cooking.

I made soup this evening – Avegolemono, with chicken broth, rice, lemon and eggs – and ate two big, lemony bowls of it.

I think next I will take my good book – Life After Life by Kate Atkinson – and go curl up on the sofa.

It’s a nice day to be a “homebody.”

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