Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

Working On It


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It seems I’ve fallen into something of a self-improvement kick.

I hardly recognize myself!

It happens, now and then, in my life. I’ve learned to not put too much stock in it. I pick up and then drop new habits as often as…I can’t even think of a good comparison. Often.

Really often.

Presently, on top of trying to write every day, I’m attempting to cultivate several “good for me” habits.

I’ve started a new diet and exercise regimen.

I am making a concerted effort to finish every book I have started before beginning another one. At this time I have about twelve books, partially read, to work through one by one.

I am spending at least a few minutes at the end of each day tidying up after myself, so that I’m not greeted by a big huge mess of my own creation on every day off. I worked thirty days in a row in the month of October. That really drove home the need to stay on top of things.

I’m trying to get studio time in every day.

On my day off, I am spending concentrated time on housework before going into the studio or out in the yard to work.

I’m easily distracted or put off-course. I have to be strict.

I set the timer for fifteen minutes. I start in the bathroom, working as efficiently as I can until the timer rings. I go on to the laundry room, the same, then kitchen, dining room, living room. Another fifteen minutes for the bedroom and the stairs. I try not to worry about getting to every task; I try not to let distractions pull me off course.

It’s a struggle.

Monday, I was about seven minutes in to cleaning the bathroom when I decided to refill the vase. A walk around the yard followed, to decide what blooms would work. Many are far past their prime. I cut a bouquet of rosemary, spent too long arranging it, and then – of course – had to stop to take a photograph of it.

Ah, well…count the walk around the yard as exercise…and then use it all as writing material.

That’s the person I’m familiar with!