Daily Archives: November 23, 2014

A Gray Day


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Yesterday, I heard that one of our small airlines had already cancelled all flights for today, in anticipation of this weather. Warmer temperatures have enveloped us in a gray, foggy mist.

The snow is melting, revealing the multitude of chores I left undone outside.

There’s a drizzle coming down, causing me to want to delay the long walk I told the dogs they’d get today.

The house is damp and chilly. I am not yet ready to get out of my robe and onto the many tasks waiting for me here.

old photos, gardens 005

This is my day off.

So far, I have moved from the bed to the desk chair, brewed coffee and poured myself a cup.

I read Phyllis’s Beaver Island weather report.

I read several blogs that I enjoy, and haven’t had time for until now.

I read my mail.

I finally responded to comments left on my blog, some left more than a week ago.

I caught up all my turns on the word game that I play.

Now, I’m writing my own blog, the twenty-third day in a row.

When I finish here, I have a list of book recommendations I want to look into.

I have a couple letters to write.

I may make a list of things I’d like to accomplish today.

For now, I think I’ll pour another cup.

The coffee is hot; this chair is comfortable.

Gray days can be beautiful, too.

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