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A Couple Things…


dec 19 and 21 017

In the middle of the night, when – for one reason or another – I find myself awake, the thoughts that come calling make falling back to sleep impossible.

That would be a good time for counting blessings…or even for counting sheep, but, no.

Worrisome rather than positive are most of my middle of the night musings.

Last night these thoughts entertained me:

Weeks ago, when the first advertisements for the “It’s a Wonderful Life” show went up, I suggested to my cousin Pam that we should go. I suggested dinner beforehand, and said it would be my treat, for her birthday. We’d make an evening of it, a rarity for each of us.

For my birthday in August, Pam and I and a couple others go out together every year for dinner. It always results in lots of good wishes and presents for me. The other participants are often away on their birthdays, so I am unable to reciprocate. This was a good opportunity to do something nice for Pam, even though her birthday is not until December.

Unfortunately, that is the last I thought of it.

I did not get tickets to the play.

I did not make dinner reservations.

Even when Judi called to say she had an extra ticket, and would I like to join her for the play, and I said sure, and let’s go to dinner first, and let that be my treat…even then, it didn’t occur to me that I had already made plans.

Even when one of the players came through the hardware store the day of the show and told me all seats were sold out, I didn’t remember.

When Pam called, near the end of the day, to say, “Are we still on for tonight, cuz?” I remembered.

Only then.

When there were no seats left for the play.

When I’d made other plans.

All I could do was admit to my awful and thoughtless forgetfulness, explain, apologize and beg forgiveness…

“Don’t worry,” she said, graciously, “I’m in for the day. We’ll do something closer to my birthday.”


Then, I recalled a conversation over dinner with Judi.

I was telling her about my new diet and exercise regimen, and about the high protein shakes that are a part of it. “Not bad tasting, really,” I told her, “but gritty in texture. Still they sure seem to work. I have energy, I don’t get hungry between meals and I lost three pounds in the first week.”

I went on to say that I didn’t really trust the weight loss, as the shakes seem to have diuretic properties.

In the middle of the night, I thought, “Did I say diuretic? I know that’s what I meant…”

In the middle of the night, it really seemed like what I had actually said was depilatory properties.

That could be true…the shakes are quite gritty.

Still, I hope I didn’t leave her with the picture of me rubbing the vegan strawberry shake onto my upper lip to remove unwanted hair!


It’s no wonder I can’t sleep!