Daily Archives: November 13, 2019

Early Snow


I haven’t been carrying the camera on my daily walks lately. That’s partly because I was sick, and it was all I could do to drag myself out of the house for shivery and often abbreviated walks with the dogs. Taking pictures was not a concern. Also, here on Beaver Island, we’ve been in an in-between stage for seasonal beauty.

The stunning fall colors are nearly gone. Though some leaves still cling to the trees, the brilliant golds have dulled to shades of brown, and strong winds have stripped the treetops. We’ve gotten snow, but not enough to cover the grasses and fallen leaves. The magical autumn views are gone, and the winter fairy tale landscapes are not yet here.

Today, feeling better, I walked with the dogs through the falling snow down the Fox Lake Road to the big rock and back. When we got home, I picked up the camera and went back outside. The long views are not very interesting, but within my yard, there are things to take note of.

This has been an odd year. Fall came early with cold, rain and high winds. Frost held off until quite late. Now here is early snow. It has cloaked the fruit trees that are still holding on to their leaves, and shrouded the Sedum in the back flower bed. My concord grapes, which never did ripen this year, are still clinging to the vines, wearing caps of fresh snow.