Daily Archives: November 22, 2019

Taking Time for Art


It has been a busy week. At the hardware store, we’re gearing up for the last ferry boat of the year with bigger orders of winter stock. Snow shovels, ice scrapers, hats, gloves and ice melt have been brought up from the basement and arranged into seasonal displays. We’re receiving new products from the trade show, and getting ready for a “Small Business Saturday” event.

At home, I have all of the usual projects underway, just to make every day more complicated. I had to arrange visits from two separate workmen for a couple mechanical problems. I’ve been preparing for a week away for the Thanksgiving holiday, with all of the packing and preparation involved in that.

Personally, I had prescriptions to refill, and blood work to schedule. I had a dental appointment. On top of all that, Mr. Richards and I were able to coordinate our days so that I could spend a couple mornings in his classroom teaching paper-making.

Paper-making involves a lot of preparation. For several days before the class, I devoted my reading-time going over my old notes. The night before the first class, I was up until 2 AM blending paper pulp. There are a lot of materials. Four five-gallon jugs and six bus tubs filled with towels, couching cloths and paper-making molds were loaded and unloaded many times before finally making their way, clean and dry, back to my little studio.

Many of the high-school students in Mr. Richards’ classroom had, many years ago, attended my after-school art program. So, there was some familiarity with the process, and a good deal of nostalgia at play. I had a wonderful time! Sometimes, adding something extra to an already jam-packed week is just crazy. Other times, it turns out to be exactly what is needed!