Snow Day



We have about five inches of fluffy new snow here on Beaver Island.

I had the day off.

With two bits of business writing I was determined to get done, a new exercise routine planned,  several things underway in the studio, and a living space that could use a serious once-over…procrastination was the order of the day.

The sun was shining.

Yesterday’s winds had calmed.

The dogs were in perfect agreement.

Morning, just after coffee, I bundled up and headed out.

Down the driveway to the Fox Lake Road and a short jaunt over to Cotter’s Trail. We followed the trail about halfway in, then took the drive that leads past two pole barns and into the wide path through the woods back to the Murray’s summer home. Usually from there I’d go up the driveway to the road, and home from there. That’s about a 45 minute walk.

Today, we circled the yard, walked past the pond and re-traced our steps back through the woods. Back at the Cotter’s Trail, we veered to the right. We continued down the trail past Crazy Larry’s old campsite, past the deer-camp sign, Tom Mann’s little shelter and the cabin that used to be Cotter’s (and so will always be known as Cotter’s, though the ownership changed nearly thirty years ago). We continued into the woods toward the West Side Drive.

The dogs were willing to continue our adventure, but my legs were burning from the long walk in deep snow. I made my turn before we came out into the clearing, and we headed back home.

By the time I was ready for our afternoon walk, the snow mobile riders had been out. Their runners firm and pack the snow, leaving a nice path. They had followed the power lines that run parallel to Fox Lake Road. That’s the way we walked. First south, through the meadow and up to where the road makes a sharp turn, then north, past my house and on to where the power lines cross the road, and home from there.

I still have my long list of things I should have done today.

There’s still time.

It was a great day to be out in the snow!

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  1. Nothing quite as pretty as new clean snow! Being that we lived in the middle of the city, we could only get the feeling of aloneness in pristine snow if we went out late at night after it stormed….so out we’d go! My boys are night owls like me, so I never had trouble getting one (or both) to bundle up and join me for late night walks. (when they were teens,,,not when they were little…that could have been child abuse! 🙂 )
    You said you procrastinated your new exercise routine but I say you did EXACTLY the opposite! 🙂 As I recall from our late night adventures, trudging through snow is a serious cardio (-ac! HA!) event!

    • Oh, yes, it certainly did count as a workout…just not the yoga routine I’ve been trying to be so diligent about. But it was a wonderful day, and worth it.
      You know, I have friends who were raised here on the island – a family of eight boys. They talk about some of their fondest memories being the times a big boat would come into the harbor…or the northern lights would be in the sky…or a beautiful fresh snow would fall, and their Dad would come get them from their beds in the middle of the night, to show them the wonders. I bet your boys hold precious memories, too, of your nighttime walks in the fresh snow!
      Thank you for reading, and for your encouragement!

  2. I can’t believe here it is the 20th of January and we have yet to have enough snow here in SW Michigan to cover the ground- It’s sad when they’ve had more snow in Texas and Arizona. Normally we are blessed with Lake effect.
    We are suppose to get our first serious snow here tonight. (if they haven’t changed last night’s forecast). I pulled my X-country skis down out of the attic for my upcoming trip to Canada the end of this week. If I had known that’s all I had to do to draw snow to this area I’d have done it much sooner.
    I add to my resume of strangeness every year heading north to Canada when everyone else heading closer toward the equator.

    • We used to be able to count on the fact that, other than a few very rare exceptions, whatever snow we got here would be around until springtime. Not any more. We get a decent snow, then it thaws totally. Back to bare ground…then another snowfall. Thanks for reading, and for your comments, Bob!

  3. Ugh – it’s bitter cold here in Minnesota. My parents are vacationing on the Gulf of Mexico and said our weather is making national news! It sounds like you’re making the most of your snowy days. Playing outside will keep you young!

    • It has now gotten officially too cold to be outside. This is the second day in a row that I haven’t taken the dogs for their walk. That only happens once or twice a year, generally! With temperatures here at zero or -1 (highs of 3 or 4!) and wind chills making it feel much colder, we are staying in! I’m trying to get them to run sprints up and down the stairs with me…so far, no luck!
      Thanks for reading, Sara!

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