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Today is Tuesday



Today is Tuesday…you know what that means?

Well, forĀ one thing, when those words come into my head…just as an ominous thought or spoken aloud…it means that I will burst into song:

“Today is Tuesday…you know what that means…it’s gonna be a speeeeciaaal daaay…”

Remember? From the old “Mickey Mouse Club” TV show?

I have few rules in this house, but the “song rules” are strictly abided by. If I mention my little dog, Rosa Parks, in a song (which always makes her dark eyes twinkle), I have to find a way to incorporate my big dog’s name in a song, too. Just to be fair.. There’s a little, lilting, spoken-word jingle that is often heard around here:

Rosa Parks and Darla Jean…best two dogs I’ve ever seen!

Darla Jean and Rosa Parks…always ready to bark and bark!”

It names both dogs, gives them each a turn at being called out first in a sentence, and let’s them know I’m thinking of them, even when I’m unwilling to stop what I’m doing to rub their bellies.

Whenever – perhaps because I have tripped over a dog, hit my thumb with a hammer, or let a pot boil dry on the stove – I find reason to cry out, “Oh, Lord,” of course I have to belt out the song that I’ve started, as performed by Janis Joplin:

“Oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all have Porsches; I must make amends. I worked hard all my life, Lord, no help from my friends…oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? Oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV? Dialing for Dollars is trying to find me…”

You get the idea.

If only other routines were as easy to uphold as the “Song Rules,” I wouldn’t always approach Tuesdays with such anxiety.

Today is Tuesday. This is the end of my “weekend.” Tomorrow it’s back to work, with little time for big projects at home. Tuesday is the day that I look over what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve started, what I haven’t found time for, what needs to be finished (today!), and what will have to be – once again – delayed.

The run-down this week is not so different from other weeks. I managed one good walk with Darla before the roads turned to glare ice. I made up a tentative meal plan for the week, and bought groceries. I made a big pot of goulash and distributed the leftovers into serving containers to pack for my lunches. I finished one painting (almost, at least) and started another. I did a load of laundry. I cleaned the bathroom; I cleaned the kitchen.

Then I decided to switch out the dowel rods (that were mounted over the kitchen windows, that two dozen baskets hung from) for a couple rustic curtain rods that I picked up a while ago. While I was at it, may as well put plastic over those drafty windows for the season. That should have been done weeks ago, really.

So, I piled the baskets onto the dining room table and removed the dowels. I decided to use one of them to hold the curtain that blocks the heat from going upstairs (instead of the crooked row of nails that was doing that job). That meant I had to dig out the hand saw, measure and cut it down (twice, before I got it right), hang the mounting brackets, hang the dowel, and hang the curtain…all before getting to the job at hand. Several little succulents had to be moved from the window sill onto the counter, as well as a little solar-activated penguin, a small watering can and the vase my daughter, Kate, gave me for Christmas. Then, the window had to be washed, the window sill cleaned, and the channel that the window slides open and closed on had to be vacuumed to remove the cobwebs and the last of the summer’s flies that had chosen that place to die.

I managed to destroy the clean kitchen – and even filled the dining room table with the overflow. I have not yet put up the plastic. I haven’t hung the rustic curtain rods. Today is Tuesday. Oh, Lord!