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Flying from Orlando to Lansing last Saturday evening, I pulled a book out of my bag. The Red Book, by Sera Beak,  is subtitled “A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark”. I’d been working my way through it, and packed it in case I ran out of other reading material. I hadn’t had a chance to pick it up before that. The chapter I was reading was talking about signs and symbols and messages from the universe and paying attention. The card I’d used to mark my spot was an invitation…to my friend Bill’s eightieth birthday celebration. Because of that, Bill was on my mind throughout the plane ride. When I arrived home on Sunday, I learned that Bill had passed away the day before…on Saturday…when I had his invitation in hand…when I was thinking about him…while I was reading about messages from the universe…

Bill and I have been friends for more than 25 years. We used to have coffee together nearly every day. A natural story-teller and a wonderful teacher, he has helped me with dozens of projects and taught me a million things. I am saddened by his death, and will miss him always. We definitely had a connection.

I know that if Bill heard my story of the coincidences of the plane ride and the book and the invitation, he would throw his head back and laugh out loud. He’d say “That’s about the biggest line of bull I’ve ever heard!”

And that thought makes me smile today.