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Guilty Pleasures


november2014 015

It had to happen sooner or later.

I have nothing to write about.

Or, rather, nothing I care to write about.

I woke up today to icy snow covering the ground. I don’t want to write about it.

I learned, this evening, of the death of another friend. I don’t want to even think about it.

Thirty days in November is a long time for a writing commitment.

I’m prepared, though.

Nancy Roman, who can be found at <www.notquiteold.wordpress.com> writes a witty blog about life, aging and other matters. She is also a newly published author. Her book, Just What I Always Wanted, is widely available and very enjoyable. In October, Nancy wrote about her own guilty pleasures. Thinking it was a grand idea, I wrote down her categories, in case I should find myself with nothing to write about.

With a nod to Nancy Roman, here’s my list:

  • Movie: Though I never saw them when they were showing in theaters, or even when those hairstyles for women were popular, I have found that I really enjoy the early Die Hard movies. I could watch them annually, right along with A Christmas Carol and all the other Christmas movies.
  • TV Show: I don’t watch much TV, but I really like The Biggest Loser. Not only do I like to watch the show, I like to watch it while eating what is often the largest, doughiest meal of the week: macaroni and cheese or a big plate of spaghetti, something like that.
  • Book: I read plenty of good books, plenty of books in general. In the guilty pleasure category, I’d have to place the mass produced mysteries that are not exactly literature, but that capture my attention.
  • Food: Macaroni and cheese…no-bake cookies…home-made noodles. Not all on the same plate, or even the same day, but I can easily overdo on any one of these.
  • Snack: Krunchers potato chips. If I have them, I can’t stop eating them. A large bag is treated as a single serving portion. I cannot buy them. Ever.
  • Money Waster: Magazines, definitely. I subscribe to several, and will pick up others just for the short bit of mindless entertainment they offer before having to be recycled.
  • Time Waster: Words with Friends. Though I have to say I’m a pretty fast player. I’d waste a lot less time if it weren’t for the ads that pop up between each turn.
  • Song: My all time favorite feel-good song has to be Dire Straits, I Want my MTV.

There they are, my guilty pleasures, for all the world to see. What are yours?