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The 52 Lists Project #3


3-20-13 002

Week #3: List the happiest moments of your life so far

I think this question was perhaps designed with much younger people in mind. People with better memories and fewer experiences.

  • I remember thinking, as a young woman with my husband asleep beside me, my baby girl in the next room, that I was so absolutely perfectly happy, the rest of my whole life was bound to pale in comparison. My husband disappointed me so much (as I disappointed him too, I’m sure) in the next dozen years of our marriage, I hate to even put that on the list! Yet there it is.
  • The births of each of my daughters, of course, but not right that instant. With Jen, it was when she was about a week old, as I held her in my lap. We were calm, content, and studying each other. With Kate, it was when she was ten days old, and finally released from the hospital. In each case, it hit me like a bolt of lightening: the enormity of this whole motherhood thing, how I was a part of a group that spanned thousands of years with shared thoughts and experiences with every other mother…yet unique to me, and to each of my babies.
  • Moving to Beaver Island. This is a wonderful place, and a good life, but it is real life, with hardships and disappointments. None of those things were a part of my conscious reality when we first moved. Then, it was just our plans, hopes and wildest dreams coming to fruition.
  • One night, on a 29′ sailboat, in the middle of Lake Huron. My mates were asleep. It was just me, that huge bowl of the sky, and a million stars.

I could come up with a longer list, I’m sure. I’m sixty-three years old, and have had a pretty good life. These, though, are the things that come to mind effortlessly…so, today, this is my list.