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Another List


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Tuesday was a pretty miserable day for me. I cried three times. I have a very low misery index: it doesn’t take much. I am often ashamed of myself for being such a complainer. I try to do better. I try to employ a  little perspective. There are people out there who are starving, who have cancer, who have sick children. There are people struggling through the aftermath of earthquakes, fires, floods or other natural disasters. There are people living in war zones. There are people out there who have good reasons to complain. I do not.

Still, I felt like it was a pretty rotten day. In an effort to be a better person, I am not going to dwell on all the things that went wrong. I’m sure every day brings blessings, too; it’s a matter of watching for them, and taking note. Today, in a marked effort to improve my attitude, I’m listing the things that were good about yesterday.

  • I slept in until eight o’clock!
  • I didn’t have to work at the hardware store.
  • I took my big dog, Darla, for a nice long (2 mile!) walk.
  • She wagged her tail the entire distance!
  • I managed to do that without hurting the little dog’s feelings, even though she had to stay at home.
  • I spoke on the telephone to a kind lady, who found it in her heart to forgive me for mistakes regarding her subscription and submissions to the magazine.
  • I had nice conversations with two special women.
  • Each listened to my tales of woe, and offered kindness and understanding,
  • And each sent me away with gifts!
  • I saw some outstanding and inspiring artwork,
  • And was able to get pretty good photographs of it with my little camera.
  • I remembered to return my rented movie, only one day late.
  • I had a magazine and a book catalogue in my mail.
  • There were fresh peaches and perfect avocados in the grocery store.
  • Since I was in town, I went to happy hour at the pub.
  • I saw three deer on my way home from town.
  • I stopped, on the Fox Lake Road, to photograph the sunlight streaming through the trees.
  • I have a bouquet of lilacs on my dining room table.
  • I made a big bowlful of pasta salad, to pack for my lunch this week,
  • And had sauteed cauliflower for dinner (shredded wheat with strawberries for dessert!).
  • Though my back is out again, I still have drugs for that.

So, look at that…yesterday wasn’t so bad after all!

Looking Up



I look down when I walk.

I like the patterns of leaves and pine needles strewn across the path.

I enjoy seeing the way my footprints and the paw-prints of my two dogs mingle with the heart-shaped hoof prints left by deer, and the large twiggy prints left by ranging flocks of wild turkeys, on the road created by the logging trucks that cuts through the woods behind my house.

I like to watch the dogs as they, by turns, walk purposefully forward as if headed for a specific destination, meander – nose to the ground – investigating what went this way before us, and run, full out, after a chipmunk or robin or squirrel.

Out of necessity, I watch the ground for safety’s sake. In the winter, ice; this time of year, it’s holes in the road or wind-fall branches or frost-heaved rocks that could trip me up.

So it happened that I was almost a mile from home this morning, before I noticed the sky. Such a beautiful, intense blue! How could I have missed it?

More important, what if I had missed it?

How many things go unnoticed because I’m looking down when I should be looking up? And what a metaphor for life!

It’s a fine thing to be well-grounded, but I intend to spend more time looking up!