Daily Archives: August 11, 2021

Timeout for Art: Progress


Most times, in my world of art-making, I want to tally up what is finished. A dozen new works for the Beaver Island Gallery’s seasonal opening. Eight framed pieces for the Museum Week Art Show. Two dozen completed collages waiting to be matted and framed. It’s satisfying, and encouraging, to note what is done.

More often, though, the most notable aspect is simply progress. I have a lofty goal of having one hundred pieces, completed, framed and ready to be hung, for an upcoming show in my home town. My count right now is sixty-nine pieces, though they are not yet ready for the walls of a gallery.

I have a complex spread sheet. It lists descriptions, titles and finished sizes, plus mat dimensions and frame type. There are boxes that I check off when a mat or frame is ordered, when it is delivered, and when the assembly is complete. There is another box that is ticked when a piece is boxed and ready for travel. And, of course, there are several lines waiting for the 31 pieces yet to be completed, to meet my goal.

In addition. I am working out how to get my work from here to there. Ideally, I’ll be able to transport it myself, help set it up, and attend the opening. There are still issues to work out on that front, including time off work and finding someone to take care of my dogs while I’m away. Plus the logistics of shipping several large boxes to the mainland, loading them (and fitting them all) in to the vehicle I use on the mainland, and driving three hundred miles. If I can’t work that out, in some fashion, I’ll be faced with shipping costs.

This week, I have company. And, I have more visitors coming. And two jobs. Three elderly dogs. I am not yet overwhelmed. I am not panicked. But I can feel it, bubbling up, just under the surface. I handle it by avoiding looking at the whole picture. I just keep plugging away, and continue ticking off items as they get done.

In this busy season, it’s not completion that I’m looking at, but progress. Because, with daily progress, I’ll eventually get there.