Daily Archives: April 28, 2021

X is STILL a Verb!


X is a hard letter.

A hard letter, in the middle of a difficult week.

Looking backward for inspiration, I found the blog that I wrote two years ago, while doing this same A to Z challenge. “X is a Verb” was my title.

I posted some photos of my lists. I make lists all the time, for just about everything. Here’s a list, just as one more example, of some of the things that I put on lists:

  • daily, weekly and monthly chores
  • plans
  • aspirations
  • groceries to buy
  • letters to write
  • bills to pay
  • meal plans
  • future art projects
  • current art projects
  • artists that I admire
  • garden plans
  • home improvement projects
  • outdoor projects
  • exercise programs
  • things I accomplish at work
  • books I’ve read
  • books I want to read
  • authors that I like
  • special dates to remember

…and on, and on.

When I complete items on any list, I put an X beside it, making it “done.” I call it “X-ing things off.” That’s where the letter becomes an action word. Other people, I have noticed, cross items off. I gasp at the thought! I like to see what I’ve accomplished! I would never put a line through it, obliterating my achievement! That’s what the X is for!