Daily Archives: March 24, 2021

Timeout for Art: Work

“Jig” detail

When I use the term “work” when talking about art, it is often a noun. I’ve talked about current work, old work, new work and body of work. Artwork, as a noun, is the product of my efforts. It’s the result of the verb, art work. Lately, it’s the action word I’ve been concentrating on.

The gallery that carries my art here on Beaver Island will be opening soon, for the season. I always like to have new pieces to show. The Museum Week Art Show, in July, is also on my calendar. I have an art show coming up in October, in my home town of Lapeer, Michigan. I plan to have about seventy-five new works for that show. And, it’s already March.

The busy summer season here on Beaver Island is right around the corner. The hardware store business is picking up each week, and will only get busier as the weather gets warmer. In June, I’ll start my job at the golf course, which will fill my summer weekends. Soon, I’ll add gardening and mowing to my household chores. It won’t be long before I have neither time or energy for studio work, so the pressure is on right now.

Last weekend, I spent three long days on studio work. Activities included coating collages, sealing collagraph plates, priming surfaces for new paintings, varnishing finished paintings, and much-needed cleaning. I picked up an order of paper for a collagraph series, and ordered blotter paper and ink for the same series. I measured finished paintings and started to put together a list of frames to order for them. I ordered mats, backer board, plexiglas and frames for thirty collages.

As always happens this time of year, I worry about the amount of money going out, with no guarantee of return on my investment. Also as usually happens, when I’m putting finishing touches on some work, fresh variations and new ideas come to me. I have to constantly remind myself to stick to the program at hand, not go off in a brand new direction. The trouble is, that sounds like play to me, where what I am doing feels so much like…WORK!