Daily Archives: March 12, 2021

Timeout for Art: Underway


Weeks (maybe months?) after photographing some of these collages as “new work,” I am still plugging away at them. Individually, they have each been studied, sometimes close-up to detect flaws in the surface, other times while hung on the wall a few feet away, so I can better judge the composition and the way the colors work together. They have spent some time stacked between sheets of waxed paper under weighted boards to flatten them.

Recently, I spread the collages out on the floor and, using a tiny brush, added a curving trail of purple dots that snaked from one image to another. When that application was dry, I rearranged the pieces on the floor, and used the edge of a piece of cardboard dipped in another color, made a series of thin double lines (=) that linked each image with one of its neighbors. My plan is that these slight elements will, no matter how they are ultimately displayed, serve to reinforce the similarities between all of the images.

The next step, and what I intend to tackle today, is to again examine each collage by itself. I’ll add a bit of shading or color if needed, and make sure all elements on the surface are completely and properly sealed. Last, I’ll finish with a coat of matte varnish. These collages – there are forty in this group – are not yet finished, but they are well underway.