Daily Archives: April 25, 2020



I have no particular topic today. Edging toward the end of the alphabet, I’m running out of steam. Uninspired, that’s me.

I had another topic in mind. “Unforgettable” was the title I had planned. I’d been going over it in my mind for a few days. I’d write about my memory: how it used to be really good, and dependable, and how lately I can’t always trust it. I’d write about those moments in life that even a failing memory can’t erase: unforgettable.

I had a few good examples, and could come up with several more, I’m sure. It’s not a bad idea; I may revisit it another day. Not on this day. Today, I’m not feeling like elaborating on any ideas. In writing, at least.

Yesterday, finally, I got some work done in the studio. Not a lot: some sorting, a bit of organizing, a few finishing touches on some works in progress. It was enough, though, to get my mind going in a whole other direction. So, today, I’m putting the bare minimum into writing, so that I can put more time into art-making. So, that’s that (with a few examples of what I’ve been working on).