Daily Archives: April 22, 2020

Routine [for a Good Morning]


Open my eyes.


Pet each small dog, and wish them “good morning!”

Sit up and put my feet on the floor.

As my feet touch the floor, say “It’s going to be a great day!”


Bend over to rub the big dog’s belly, and tell her “good morning!”

Turn on the coffee pot.

Go into the bathroom (wash hands, brush teeth, put on slippers).

Back in the kitchen, do morning yoga (five easy breathing and stretching exercises).

On to the dining room: pull out my journal and write five things I am grateful for. If the spirit moves me, I write more, including things that worry me, hurt my feelings or make me angry. Or, rarely, something creative.

Pour my first cup of coffee.

Turn on the computer, and type in CBSnews.

After watching the CBS Eye Opener (“your world in 90 seconds”), I follow up with other news, or check in on social media.

Next (during this month of daily blogging), I either write a blog and post it, or publish the day’s blog that I wrote ahead of time.

Pull on sweats, boots and a coat, fill my pocket with kibble, and head outside to take the dogs for a walk. Our early walk is usually the longest; we’ve been going two miles most mornings.

Meditate. I have trouble sitting still, and great difficulty emptying my mind of thoughts and worries. I know meditation is good for me, so I continue to try to develop this practice. I find the best time, for me, is right after my walk. I have a few audio programs that are often helpful; sometimes I just sit in the quiet.


Of course, not all days unfold in this exact way, and not all mornings are perfect. If I have a routine to follow, though, I find my chances are much better to make it a good morning!