Daily Archives: April 12, 2020

Homeward Bound

A view of my kitchen

I’m not home yet. Our flight from Hawaii didn’t arrive in Lansing until ten o’clock on Friday night. We had left Hawaii at nine o’clock Thursday night. Even considering the time change, that was a long time in airports and on planes. Saturday was a day for recovery! Today is Easter. My daughter Jen and I are preparing a nice dinner here at her house in Lansing. Tomorrow, I’ll get up and head for home.

And, boy, I’m looking forward to it! I have loved all this time with my family. I have so enjoyed the travel and adventure. Beach weather in March is always a treat for this Michigan girl! Still, enough is enough. I haven’t been away from my home for this length of time in my entire adult life! Though it was unplanned, I think I rolled pretty well with the unexpected changes to our itinerary. But, now, I’m ready to go home!