Daily Archives: April 11, 2020


Sunset in Kona

Over the course of the last three weeks, I managed to fall madly in love with Hawaii. It started as a one week planned vacation to visit my daughter and her family, who are living there this winter. Due to complications involving quarantines and cancelled flights, it became a much longer stay.

I enjoyed every bit of it! We did plenty of exploring, and fit in lots of adventures, but I also enjoyed all of the simple day-to day activities. Hawaii is an easy place to love. When family is there, the attraction is even greater.

No matter, my home is in Michigan. That’s where my physical house is, with art studio, books, plants, and all the material things I’ve grown attached to. It’s where my dogs are. Poor Rosa Parks, Darla and Blackie Chan! I assured them I’d be back soon! Though they are safe and well-cared for in the kennel, and fortunately cannot read a calendar, I miss them terribly!

We were finally able to arrange transport from Hawaii back home to Michigan. Though I’d been getting pretty anxious to get home, as soon as the flight was set, I got misty! So hard to say good-bye! Every day was filled with “lasts.” Playing Scrabble with Kate and Madeline, I thought, “how long will it be before we can do this again?” A game of dice with the family made me teary-eyed, knowing it would be a long time before we’d all gather around the table in fun and laughter.

There was the last day of taking my coffee outside to enjoy the morning warmth. The last time I carried birdseed out to the edge of the yard to feed the wild – but pretty tame – chickens. There was our last trip to a beach, where we marveled at the black sand, and found shells and bits of coral.

There was our last family dinner, all gathered around the table, followed by loading our luggage into the car. There was the last, sad trip over Saddle Road just as the sun was setting, that took us to Kona, where our flight home would begin. Last, there were the final sad hugs and good wishes before getting on the plane. Beautiful, wondrous Hawaii, it broke my heart to say good-bye!