Daily Archives: April 10, 2020

Feeling Facebook Fatigue

Another Beautiful View Along Hawaii’s Shoreline

It stems, in part, from having too much time on my hands. After I fill my morning with all the little activities that add order to my day…after I check off the accomplishments and still have plenty of day left…I turn to social media.

Contributing, too, is the desire to know what’s going on. How are things on Beaver Island? In Lapeer? How is Michigan doing, in general? How are family, friends and acquaintances holding up? What is the president up to? What about the candidates, and the elections? What’s going on around the globe? It’s a scary world out there right now, and things are changing by the hour.

Of course I want to keep up. Especially with so much time on my hands. And yet, as I scroll through my news feed, I feel the tension build. If this news story is true, how can the next one be accurate? I’ve known this person since he was a small child…how can he spew such hatred? That other person I know to be an intelligent and thoughtful human being…yet posts such obvious…bullshit. My blood pressure rises.

All of the news is terrifying. The other posts, often light-hearted memes about the quarantine, have become repetitive and tiresome. “Warning: there is a DUI checkpoint between Kitchen and Hallway” has showed up in my news feed roughly one thousand times. Ditto the ones about the days being divided between coffee time and wine time. And the several – funny for a minute – about the experience of home-schooling.

Personal posts are better. It’s good to hear how people are doing. I’m glad to know how friends are filling their days, keeping themselves involved and sane. Still, with no one getting out, even those reports are getting tedious. As are my own, I’m sure.

When social media was a small part of my day, it was a welcome diversion. Now, with it filling too many empty hours, it is maddening, frustrating and clearly not a positive influence in my life. I’m suffering from Facebook fatigue!