Daily Archives: April 8, 2020


My daughters, Jen and Kate

I have two daughters, three years apart in age. When they were very small, I called them Jenny and Katey. If I was scolding them, I appreciated the long versions of their names: Jennifer Marietta and Katherine Elizabeth. Now, we’ve all gone to single syllables; they are Jen and Kate, I am Mom.

Kate is a little bit of a gypsy; she has lived in many places, and visited many more. Jen is a single mother, and has to prioritize her job. Because I am divorced, my daughters have two sets of parents to find time to visit. My home on Beaver Island can be a struggle, financially and otherwise, to get to. These conditions combine to make it difficult for my two daughters and myself to be able to be all in one place at the same time.

This spring, Jen and I traveled here to Hawaii to visit Kate and her family. Kate is working in Hilo, on the big island, for several months this year. The trip has been full of marvels, wonders and special events. It has also been fraught with complications: our flight home has been cancelled multiple times, and our one-week planned vacation has already exceeded three weeks!

We are all individuals, with our own preferences, quirks and ideas. Under one roof. It’s not perfect. No matter. I fall asleep at night listening to the rise and fall of Jen and Kate talking and laughing together. This morning, they ran to Pahoa for a few necessities, both in their sleeping attire. They giggled about their appearance as they went out the door. Having both of my daughters together with me is wonderful!