Daily Archives: April 7, 2020

Catching Up

Cliffs of Lava

Today, in my belated participation in the April A~Z challenge, my letter is C. Had I started on time, today’s letter would be F. I just went through the calendar, though, and found that, if I continue through the alphabet every day including Sunday, I’ll be caught up by the end of the month.

Ah, C…the possibilities are enormous. My name begins with C, and there is a little story behind it. When I was a newborn in my mother’s arms, a nurse came in and said, “Oh my, look at all that dark, black hair! As black as cinders! You should name her Cinderella!” Mom, who often struggled with deciding on names for her children, took that suggestion, and named me Cindy. Not Cynthia or Lucinda, and thankfully not Cinderella. Just Cindy. I do like to tell people, though, that I was named for Cinderella.

Corona Virus. That’s another C word that has dominated my thoughts and disrupted my travel over the last few weeks. I realize, even while writing that, how self-centered it sounds: damn the pandemic for messing with my life! Many folks are in much worse positions than I am. These are truly terrifying times. Every day, the horrors continue. I don’t mean to downplay it in any way. I am thankful to be healthy, and watching events unfold from this safe place.

I also don’t choose to dwell on the Corona Virus. If my worry or constant attention to it would alter outcomes in any way, I’d be happy to spend my days that way. Since it doesn’t help, I instead continue to focus on beauty, joy and the love that surrounds me. And I know how fortunate I am to be able to do that.

Chickens are another C word, and I could have devoted an entire essay to the rooster and two hens that visit the yard here. Their antics are a daily delight! My grandson named the rooster “Nighthawk.” Madeline simply called the two hens “the [chicken] breasts.” My daughter and I thought we could do better. Jen named the darker hen “Lola,” and I named the lighter one “Dolly.” They visit every day, and the rooster’s crow often becomes a part of my early morning dreams.

Cliffs. The cliffs that I’ve seen, here on Hawaii’s big island, are formed of lava as it made its way to the sea. They are stunningly beautiful, and offer breathtaking views. The spray of the waves, reaching up over thirty feet or more of solid rock, gives testament to the power of the ocean.

There are other C words, I’m sure, but I titled this essay, “Catching Up.” That is a concept I’ve become very familiar with. For all of my life, it seems, I’ve been somewhere behind the place I want to be, and struggling to get there. At least today, in this particular challenge, I am one step close to getting there!