Daily Archives: January 12, 2020

Mid-January Miscellany


Yesterday was cold and windy. Overnight, the temperature dropped as the wind died down. Yesterday, it was the wind-chill that made it feel so frigid. Today, it’s just plain cold. I added snow pants and a heavy scarf to walk with the dogs.

No matter what, we walk every day. morning and night. This time of year, our evening walk is in the dark. Rain, wind, ice or extreme cold slow me down the most, but we still get out there. What with heavy boots and icy roads, I’m no longer attempting the “walk-to-run” program that I was doing in fairer weather, but we walk at a pretty good pace. Even on my worst days, we get a couple miles in.

I’m working at being more serious about diet and exercise in 2020. I’m cutting back on sugars and refined carbohydrates; I’m eating more salads. In addition to walking and my little morning yoga routine, I’ve added weight-training every other day. On the days in-between, I do a longer yoga session, some Pilates, or another exercise program. Twelve days in to the new year, it’s going okay.

And that’s a good lead-in to my next topic: January 12th is my granddaughter Madeline’s birthday. It’s hard to believe she is already twenty years old! She’s good-hearted, smart, witty, kind, and beautiful; I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Madeline, in front of our hogan, at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Yesterday was my friend Susan’s birthday. Two days before that was my friend Ellen’s birthday. It was also the anniversary of the day I got married. I’ve been divorced for a long time, but I still take note of the date as it comes around, and spend a melancholy moment or two in thoughts of “if only…” or “what if…”

After all, none of us gets married with plans of the union going badly. I started out with stars in my eyes and plans for a long and happy future together, just like everybody else. It just didn’t work out that way. Still, it’s kind of shocking to note that, had we stayed married, we’d have been celebrating forty-nine years together!

At work, I’m continuing my plans to get the basement in order. This is a job that is long overdue. We’ve talked about it as a necessary winter activity for several years now, but when hours and employees are cut severely back, it’s nearly impossible. If you’re the only one running the store, you can’t be downstairs, away from the business.

This January, we still have two people working most days, and it has been slow enough to allow for one of us to be working in the basement. I took it on. I started by relocating the Christmas merchandise as I brought it downstairs. Then, I moved the plumbing aisle over to the old Christmas location, sorting and organizing as I went along.

That allowed me to put the builder’s supplies, plus the trash cans, in neat rows where plumbing had been. Then, I gathered the coils of well pipe, corrugated drainage pipe, and flexible perforated drainage pipe from the floor in several aisles where they had been stashed, and hung them all neatly in the aisle where the trash cans had been. It’s a huge improvement!

The basement is dusty, damp and chilly. The job involves lots of heavy lifting, setting up shelves and moving merchandise, and also lots of cleaning, sorting and organizing. I find it very gratifying, though, and enjoy seeing the progress.

At home, I’m still working at getting the studio thoroughly cleaned and organized. Every other room in the house has been purged of excess and deep-cleaned. The struggle, now, is to maintain what is done, while concentrating my energy on what remains to be done. The weather, though, is perfect for it. These cold winter days just cry out for a serious indoor project. Luckily, I still have one!