Daily Archives: January 5, 2020

Doing Fine


I’m doing fine. Very well, in fact. Just in case anyone was worried. Not that I expect anyone to worry about me, but just in case. I was without telephone and internet service for a while, so I missed a couple days when I would have normally published a blog. Maybe, with the holidays and all, no one even noticed, and that’s okay, too.

Personally, I am a worrier. Even though I’ve never met most of the people who I have conversations with here, I truly feel that friendships develop. I miss you when you’re gone. I worry, if I don’t know what’s going on.

I appreciate hearing that someone is taking a break from blogging, as Kathy, of Lake Superior Spirit does from time to time. Or that someone is just busy with other things, and not blogging as regularly, like Sara, of Auntie Bee’s Wax. I like knowing when someone has limited access to the internet, like Lisa, of Zeebra Designs and Destinations, down in the cloud forest of Ecuador. That way I miss them, but I don’t worry.

But what about Claire, of Promenade Plantings? We conversed back and forth for several years, reading each other’s writings, and commenting on them. Then suddenly, without warning, Claire was gone. The same with Karen, of Small House, Big Garden. The last I knew, she was taking a trip to England. I never heard from her again.

Probably, I tell myself, they just gave up on blogging. It happens. Lives change; other things take priority. They certainly don’t owe me an explanation. It’s unlikely that a plane crash or other disaster befell either of them. Still, I wonder. And I worry.

But me, I’m fine. I had a good, quiet holiday, and have been enjoying the new year so far. I used my “disconnected” days to make good progress on some on-going endeavors, finish a good book, and start a new exercise regimen. I’ll fill you in at another time. For now, I just wanted to touch base, let everyone know I’m okay, and wish you all a Happy New Year!