Daily Archives: April 24, 2019

Useful (April A ~ Z Challenge)


Today, I focus on things that have been most useful to me:

  • Dictionary. I have a couple book versions, and I also rely on dictionary.com. When I think I’ve spelled a word correctly, and the spell-checker tags it, I immediately go to the dictionary to find the right spelling. It’s also helpful to check pronunciation, or to make sure I’m using a word correctly.
  • Thesaurus. When I proofread, I often notice I’ve gotten hung up on one descriptive word, and used it over and over again in just a few paragraphs. The thesaurus offers enough other words with similar meanings that I can choose ones that fit with my vocabulary and writing style.
  • Google. Whenever I’m confronted with something I don’t know, whether how to change a faucet, what year Princess Diana died or who Sarah Jessica Parker is married to, I turn to Google. “Let’s Google it,” I say to customers when they ask me how to acidify soil, or what epoxy is best for vinyl repair. I depend on Google for my lack of knowledge and my fading memory.
  • YouTube. Google will often direct me to YouTube for video answers to my technical questions. Some things are easier to learn by seeing it done. YouTube has often helped me gain confidence to tackle a project I would otherwise be terrified to try.
  • A big, long coat. Mine is brown tweed, with a leather collar. It comes almost to my ankles. I bought it several years ago at a Re-Sale shop. I feel like Mary Poppins when I wear it. It’s handy for throwing on over pajamas to take the dogs for their morning walk. It looks dressier than my parka for travel. It was the best $10.00 investment I ever made!
  • A blazer. Blazers, I think, make the perfect light jacket for spring and fall, or even for chilly summer nights. They can easily dress up a pair of ratty jeans or other casual clothes. I’ve been caught out dog-walking in some god-awful outfits, with teeth un-brushed and hair uncombed, only to be told, “you look nice…” I attribute it to the blazer every single time.
  • A birthday calendar. Otherwise, birthdays get lost in the clutter of other obligations. If they fall near the beginning of a month, they aren’t noticed until the page is turned. A separate birthday calendar makes me more confidant that I won’t miss those special days (Happy Birthday today, to my grandson, Tommy!)
  • A few good, cheap, dependable recipes. Best if they can always be pulled together with ingredients at hand.
  • Important phone numbers and addresses, written down. Even if all of that information is stored on a cell phone, what if that system were to fail? I do not have a cell phone, but I have pertinent information with me, in case I need it.
  • A daily to-do list. Whether I use it as a reminder of appointments and obligations, or just to mark off tasks as I do them, this is an important aspect of my daily life. When it seems to me that I am lazy, slothful and never accomplish a goddamned thing, I can look back through my daily lists and see that I’m not doing so bad after all.
  • Bullet Journal. My bullet journal contains my daily to-do list, important phone numbers and addresses, my birthday calendar, and a few good recipes. It also has my work schedule, my monthly task and activity tracker, a wish list, a list of things (books, movies, Ted talks, podcasts, etc,) that I want to check out, books I’ve read, a future planner, and a schedule for medicines for my three dogs. Among other things. It is most useful to me.

What things make your life run more smoothly?