Daily Archives: April 5, 2019

Exceptions (April A ~ Z Challenge)

  • I start my mornings with a short and simple yoga practice. I do it while the coffee is brewing, and before I sit down to check the news. Except for those rare days when it feels so good that I eschew the morning report, and continue on with the longer yoga routine. Or, except for the days when I go back to bed, to catch a little more sleep, and ignore the practice altogether.
  • I write every day. “Morning pages.” Longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing, in my simple black and white tablet. Except when I don’t.
  • I walk every day. Unless it’s absolutely too bitter cold. Or too icy to remain upright. Or pouring rain. Or too muddy to navigate the path. Or when the mosquitoes are out in force. I try to walk every day.
  • I eat very healthily. Except for, every great now and then, when I buy a bag of Lay’s Mesquite Barbecue flavor “Cruncher’s” potato chips. And eat the whole bag. At one sitting.
  • I enjoy working in customer service. I like arranging displays, putting away freight, ordering and almost every other aspect of my job. I have a good time with fellow employees, and love interacting with the people that come through the door. I like my job. Except when I feel unappreciated or over-worked or under-paid. Then, it’s hard to find the good in it.
  • I love my life here on Beaver Island. Except when I feel like I’m missing wonderful interactions with my family and friends, and the miles between us seem to stretch forever, and loneliness takes over.

It seems like every part of my life is filled with exceptions, contradictions and variables. How about yours?