Daily Archives: December 30, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #52

one of the historic sconces at the Redford Theater

List the happiest moments of your year:

To respond to this without simply putting down the moments I remember, which would be current or at least very recent, I read through my 2018 bullet journal. There, I jotted down schedules and events. I made note of things I was grateful for. I placed a heart near things that made me especially happy. I am glad to report that I have had many happy moments this year.

  • “Sunshine” followed by an exclamation point was often entered as something I was thankful for. Surrounded by water, gray, sunless days are common on Beaver Island, especially in the wintertime. It seems we had plenty of sunshiny days in 2018; I was happy for every single one!
  • “A good talk…” was another regular entry. Whether it was a conversation with one of my daughters (which would be followed by a heart), a sister or a friend, it was always worthwhile.
  • “A good day at work.” It looks like I had several.
  • “Long walk with the dogs.” Not often enough, for the joy it brings to me as well as the dogs!
  • A trip to Florida with my sisters in April yielded many happy moments. From quiet times in mornings and evenings, to fun adventures out and about, it was a joy spending time with these wonderful women!
  • A visit from my friend, Donna, was a welcome and happy time.
  • The annual visit to the island, in August, of my sisters and their families was, as always, great fun.
  • In August, my daughter Kate treated me to a trip to Chicago to see the musical, Hamilton, along with her husband and two of my grandchildren. The entire trip was wonder-filled and joyous. From the excellent company my family offers, to walks through parks and museums, rides on the water taxi, wonderful meals, exciting sites and the glorious musical itself, the whole thing made me feel extremely lucky and very, very happy!
  • An excursion this fall to meet my best friend, Linda, was another happy time. We enjoyed the fall colors, shopping, talking and visiting the farmer’s market.
  • Sisters, Brenda and Cheryl, my nephew, Bob, and my cousin, Keith, came to the island in the fall of the year, to close up the farmhouse for the winter. Though they were busy, and so was I, we happily managed to have time to spend together, and had a good time.
  • This year, I decorated for Christmas. I also traveled downstate to spend the holiday with my family. My daughter Kate added to the joy by including me in a trip to Detroit on December 22nd, to the historic Redford Theater, to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It was so special to view it on a big screen, with a theater full of people reacting together as the story unfolded. At one point, someone cried out, “Is there a doctor?” My daughter, the nurse, stood up, and moved to the area where a woman had collapsed. In all, four nurses, two paramedics and an EMT responded to the call for help. The woman, who had fainted, and was going to be fine, was transported by ambulance to the hospital. The film continued, after a short intermission. And I was proud as could be of my daughter!
  • There were many simple, joyful moments throughout 2018, that came from just appreciating my accomplishments and surroundings. There was the day I finished planting the garden, and the day the peas first pushed out of the ground. There was rhubarb crisp in the springtime, tomatoes and blackberries in summer, and beautiful color in the fall. Then there was the first snow, a Christmas tree, and an end-of-year trip to see family and friends, yielding presents and the greater gift of spending time, once again, with those that I love.

Looking back, there were many joyful times. I’m looking ahead to a new year filled with happiness, too, for me…and for all of you!