Oh, Happy Day!



Some days, I am gloomy. I often don’t know why. I’ll come up with reasons, though, because sadness seems to need a foundation. The weather often takes the blame. Drizzle, fog, wet snow, or lack of sunshine seem like sensible excuses for a foul mood. Sometimes I blame things that are going on at work. Other times the responsibility falls on loneliness, financial troubles, or lack of sleep. Any of these things could contribute to my mood, but deep down I know that melancholy overtakes me, at times, without any justification at all.

Weather is always out there and, though some days are naturally better than others, I could just as easily be happy on a miserable day, as sad when the sun is shining. As for work, well, there is always some issue regarding work. It is never just predictable and easy, but I almost always just take it in stride. I get lonely, but I handle it. Likewise, financial struggles are always present in my life, but I rarely dwell on them or let them affect my mood. Nights without sleep are a common frustration, too, but it’s only a meager attempt at rationalization to say it’s to blame for my disposition.

Most days, I am happy. And I rarely look for reasons; I hardly give it a thought. A good mood, I guess, does not need to be justified. Yesterday, after an almost sleepless night, I found myself with a very positive outlook. And I took note of it. In my morning journal pages, I made a list of things that I was happy about:

  • Three pink rugs on the bathroom floor. Usually, in the bathroom, I have one mid-sized rug in the middle of the room, centered in front of the window. That means I have to take a big step, when getting out of the shower, to stand on the rug. It means that I stand on bare floor when using the sink. The other day, when pulling rugs out of the clothes dryer, I noted that I have quite a few extras. Rosa Parks loves rugs, so I often pick them up when I find them on sale. In addition, I have four or five small fluffy rugs that I got from Aunt Katie. When I pick up a rug to wash it, I always have another ready to be put down. On a whim, I brought two more rugs to the bathroom. I put one pale, shag rug right beside the bathtub. I put another small velvet-textured rug directly in front of the sink. Both small rugs overlap the larger rug in the center, which gives the room a slight gypsy-tent appearance. That makes me smile. And my feet are always toasty warm.
  • A spindly-spined Christmas tree, leaning against the wall outside the kitchen door. I cut it down on Sunday, and plan to set it up today. It’s a comical little tree that will, I’m sure, be charming as all get out when decorated with tiny lights and simple ornaments.
  • Christmas cards are ordered, and should arrive today, in plenty of time to be filled out and mailed.
  • I have gifts to wrap for children and grandchildren.
  • My laundry is already all caught up for the week.
  • I started a new exercise program. Two days in, I’m doing okay!
  • I’ve almost finished my calendar layout for December.
  • As I write, I have coffee in hand, and two dogs lounging at my feet.

And my good mood continued all through the day.  The only thing different was that I gave it the same thought and attention that I would have if it had gone another way. Nothing out of the ordinary; nothing of special note. It was just another normal, wonderful day.


About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  1. I have happy days and not-as-happy days just as you do. I can’t find rhyme or reason for them, so sometimes I just attribute them to “hormones” (or lack of??) :–) Truly, doing what you did here, writing about all that makes a day happy, is a wonderful thing to do every day. That, and first thing in the morning I try to meditate, which starts the day off in the right frame of mind – empty and full all at the same time. Now, I better go work on my Christmas cards!

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