Daily Archives: November 25, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #48



List the things you think you’ll want out of life five years from now:

In five years, I’ll be more than seventy years old. With that in mind, I’ll hope to have

  • a sound mind. Longevity isn’t very enjoyable without that. I am aware of becoming more forgetful already. I laugh about it now, and hope it is always a small enough problem to be funny.
  • Good health. The ability to do the things I enjoy, and to work if I have to.
  • I’d like, by that time, to have a little more leisure time.
  • I want to have regular time for art-making, and to have some good solid venues for my work.
  • I’d like to still be learning, in five years. I think the ability to continue growing and learning is one of the things that makes life worthwhile. I’ve been looking, lately, at painting, encaustic and writing workshops. I’d love to fit some of those into my life.
  • And, with learning in mind, I’d love the opportunity to visit some of the places I’ve studied. Egypt, Greece and Italy come to mind first, thanks to Mrs. Bates’ Art History classes, and the way she made those locations come to life. I enjoy travel most if there is a chance for growth. Whenever I’ve had the chance to travel, activities to expand awareness of a place have been on the itinerary.
  • I’d like a bit more of a social life than what I have right now.
  • That should include more quality time with family and friends.