This Thanksgiving Week



It is Tuesday, two days before we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the United States. We are 47 weeks into the year. These facts poised together on the page result in not a feeling of gratitude, but rather frustration. This year seems to have flown by, soon to be added to the growing collection of “years gone by.” Did I do what I could to make every day count? Did I pay attention? Did I recognize the importance of each precious day?

I don’t know. I try. Sometimes busyness, obligation, frustration and mindless activities get in the way. I feel like, once again, I’ve let another year zoom past while I stumble along, senseless to all the wonders. That thought makes me sad. One thing I know is that I can’t get the time back. If only!

I have long lists of things – some simple, some profound – that I’d like to re-do, if I could. There were dozen nights – maybe more – when the stars were ablaze in a clear sky when I got up to let the little dog outside or back in, when I yawned and turned away from the glory, to curl back up in my bed. There were conversations I cut short, with friends or family, to start a meal or to finish a chore. Many times I turned away from dogs to face the computer screen. What if that were my last chance?

There have been plenty of missed opportunities and squandered last chances in my life. I’ve learned from them all…but maybe not enough. Otherwise, why do I continue to have this conversation with myself? Will I never get it through my head? Sometimes – too often – a wasted opportunity turns out to be the LAST opportunity.

At the end of this year, before the final page is turned and we move into a new year, I’ll sit down, as I do every year, and write down “Accomplishments and Memorable Things.” Seeing them on paper, I’ll feel better about how I’ve spent my time. I may even be impressed by all that I’ve managed to do. Right now, though, 47 weeks in, it feels like NOT ENOUGH. Maybe this Thanksgiving week comes at just the right time. It gives me cause to assess my year so far, when I still have five weeks to do more…and better!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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  1. I am wondering how many people are feeling the same way. That somehow we’ve not done or been or accomplished or lived enough. I know I feel that sometimes. It’s odd though–when I look at other people I feel their “enoughness”. Looking at you, I see enoughness. Apparently we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than others…sometimes. Great writing! And great vulnerable sharing!

  2. Personally, I never worry about things passed that I can do nothing about, I never make lists of things I should do; they all create stress at my age my main goal is to avoid stress. I try to enjoy each day to it’s fullest; when something comes along that I can do to make things better or help I do it and I’m thankful I’m able to do so.

  3. Just do the best you can, always. There is no more than that, and it’s always enough. I think you accomplish amazing things and appear to be very aware of the simple wonders around you.

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