Daily Archives: November 11, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #46



List one achievement, big or small, every day this week:

[I am writing my list based on last week, because who knows what the future holds!]

  • Monday, I made soup. I soaked dried beans until they were softened, then drained them, added fresh water, plus vegetable stock, stewed tomatoes, barley, wild rice and lots of vegetables. It simmered on the stove until everything was tender. I ladled up a couple portions for lunches later in the week, and brought the rest to the farmhouse for my family there.
  • Tuesday, I voted. I also made popovers to go along with the dinner my sisters were preparing at the farmhouse, and an apple pie for dessert. My sisters plan so well when they come to the island, I’m rarely able to make a single contribution, so it’s always a nice treat when I can.
  • Wednesday, the euchre team made up of me and my nephew Bob beat the other team (my sister, Brenda, and my cousin, Keith) both games!
  • Thursday, we did it again!
  • Friday, I saw my family off at the airport…without bursting into tears. Though I felt like it. I finished out my work day, then went home to unpack the two heavy bags they had sent home with me. Which included a lifetime supply of mustard, enough catsup to last a year, at least, if I ever even start to like catsup, and a few other condiments. There were some file folders and other things found in Aunt Katie’s drawers. There were potatoes from Keith’s garden, goulash left over from Thursday’s supper, and the balance of my soup.
  • Saturday, after ice and snow from an early winter storm sealed the driver’s side door of my car closed, I managed to crawl in from the passenger side door, climb over the console, and wedge this [too plump and inflexible] body down into the driver’s seat. That is after clearing the outside of the car with a broom and a kitchen spatula. Because the snow shovel was safely tucked into the garden shed, which was inaccessible because of the snow. Before coming home in the evening, I remembered to pick up a few groceries, and to put gas in the car.
  • Today, I drove in to work, then home again, on ice-slick roads. They seemed more slippery today than they were yesterday, after even more snow fell overnight. The first winter weather is always a driving adventure.