Daily Archives: September 9, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #37



List ten ways to get excited in the next ten minutes:

  • Slip into my shoes and go run around the yard a couple times. I do this now and then when I’ve been sitting at the desk too long. When my muscles are tight and the dogs are languishing from boredom, a run around the yard makes us all feel better.
  • Set my red kitchen timer and see how much tidying I can accomplish before the buzzer goes off.
  • Start making something in the kitchen. Something new, or a little complicated, or with a lot of steps to completion.
  • Start a big sorting project. From the time I empty a cupboard, closet, or the refrigerator, my heart is racing until I get it put back together. The fear is always that I’ll be stopped mid-way, and have a worse mess than what I started with.
  • Put in an exercise tape.
  • Call a friend or family member. That always brings excitement to my day.
  • Sing. I don’t sing well, but the dogs don’t mind, and I enjoy it.
  • Dance. I’m not a good dancer, uncoordinated, lacking rhythm and self-conscious…but in my own home, what the hell.
  • Listen to an inspirational Ted┬átalk, or an art instruction video, or watch the news.
  • Start an art project.