Daily Archives: August 21, 2018

Time Away



Last Saturday, after a flurry of preparation, I brought my dogs to the kennel, brought my luggage to town, dropped my car off at the airport and – with two of my sisters and their partners – caught the afternoon ferry boat for the two-hour ride to Charlevoix. From there, a four hour ride brought us to Lapeer, Michigan, where I grew up and where much of my family still lives. I’ve been here since then, enjoying the hospitality of my sister Brenda and her husband, Keith.

Brenda and I have gone out walking, had nice meals, good conversations, and – in the evenings – played games. I did some shopping and a little laundry, re-thought my Chicago wardrobe, and repacked my suitcase. This morning, I got a haircut. I’ve had a chance to talk to my daughters, see some friends, and visit with other family members. I always feel comfortable here.

Tomorrow, early morning, I’ll board the train. Along with my daughter, Kate, my son-in-law, Jeremy, and two of my grandchildren, I am going to Chicago. This well-planned trip is a birthday gift from my daughter, and will include good food, visits to art museums and other cultural enrichment, and the Broadway musical, “Hamilton!” I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!

I love my home, and my life on Beaver Island, but sometimes a little time away, with all the adventure and benefits it brings, is exactly what I need!