Daily Archives: August 2, 2018

Timeout for Art: A Gathering



Today was the annual gathering of artists, musicians, and those who appreciate the work of either. Everyone worked really hard to pull it all together, and it was a great success. There was a steady stream of visitors coming through to listen to the music, look at the art, and enjoy the food and drink. Several sales were made.

It’s a good opportunity for an artist like myself, who is often seen only in her normal day-to-day (read: non-artistic) job, to mingle with others of the right-brain persuasion. It’s a chance to talk about my work. Many who know me only as a friendly hardware store employee are surprised to learn of this “other life.”

It’s lovely. And it’s exhausting. I’m more tired this evening than I often am after a long day of lifting, climbing and carrying at the hardware. I’m simply not a very social person. It wears me out to spend a day making conversation. Tonight, I have set aside everything I could or should be doing, for a lazy evening and an early bedtime. A few photos: