Daily Archives: July 12, 2018

Timeout for Art: Framed


all dressed up…

No matter how pleased I am with my artwork, no matter how sure I am of the strength of the imagery, it’s always a nice surprise to see my work matted and framed.


ready for the show!

I’ve actually sometimes not even recognized my own work! When I was in college, learning new processes and churning out like never before or since, I’d sometimes bring a stack of “rejects” over to holiday dinner at my parents house, and let my sisters go through and pick whatever they’d like. Later, I’d walk into their homes and – seeing my work framed and hanging on their walls – wonder who the artist was. It just dresses the work up so nicely, makes it look suddenly so professional! So, even though it’s a lot of fussy work, assembling frames and mounting artwork is always a rewarding job!