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The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #28



List the projects you have been meaning to work on and finish:

[One thing this “list project” does is make me aware of the passage of time. List #28 means that we are already more than halfway through this year. That information, combined with this particular list, makes me feel far behind in everything, and more than a little bit discouraged. To spare myself utter despondency, I am going to list only one project. I assure you, I have many more!]

The FLOOR. It is a lifetime project, I guess.

My floor started as a cement slab, that was poured too thin, and developed several large cracks almost immediately. That was my floor, though, for about twelve years. It was just plain cement for a few years, until I got tired of the gray color, and the cement dust that was constant as the Beaver Island sands wore away the surface. Then I painted it.

Painted or not, the cement was always exactly as cold as the ground outside. It held the winter’s cold, and radiated it, no matter how many rugs and carpet scraps were added to ward off the chill. Double layers of socks followed with heavy slippers were mandatory.

Finally, I had the floor covered with foam board insulation followed with sheets of particle board. Though it didn’t lay completely flat because of the uneven cement beneath it, and there were large cracks where the boards didn’t quite meet, it was a huge improvement. That is my floor, to this day.

Over the last twenty years, I have filled the cracks and painted the wood. I’ve watched as, over time, the filler crumbled out and the paint wore off (not evenly, of course). Since 1984, I’ve had a dozen different plans for a finished floor. I have considered everything from hardwood to laminate to sheet vinyl flooring.

I’ve been foiled by technical difficulties. Laminate flooring is too rigid for a floor that curves over its surface. That also eliminates hardwood flooring and any kind of tile.

I’ve been stymied by cost. If it’s not something I can do myself (and my capabilities have diminished over the last thirty years!), installation can more than double the price. Even the cheapest sheet vinyl would require at least two trips from the mainland for installers. I’d have to hire someone else to cover the entire space with luan plywood first. Before that could happen, all my furniture would have to be moved out…it’s daunting.

So, thirty-five years after moving into this little house, I am still waiting for a floor. Last winter, in a fit of optimism, I purchased two gallons of floor paint, from the hardware store where I work. I put “Paint the floor” at the top of my master “to-do” list. And here I am, 28 weeks into this year, and the floor is still waiting.