Daily Archives: April 28, 2018

Yesterday (April A~Z Challenge)



Yesterday was the last full day of our Sister’s Vacation in Florida. This afternoon, we fly back to Flint, Michigan and whatever spring weather is waiting for us there. I’m pretty sure it won’t be as sunny or as warm as what we’ve experienced here.

We’ll scatter, then, each to our own homes. On Sunday (tomorrow), I’m getting together with my daughters and their families to catch up on the birthdays and holidays that have happened since I saw them last, and on all the things going on in their lives. By Monday evening, I’ll be back on Beaver Island, faced with months before I will see any of them again.

Did I appreciate yesterday enough? Did I take time to think about how special it is to wake up with these girls I have known my entire life? Did I relish every conversation with each of my sisters? Was I thankful for their laughter and camaraderie? What about the sunshine…and the color of the sky? Was I present enough for all of it?

I hope so…because yesterday is never coming back around. Too often, it seems, I appreciate the moments only after they are gone. I’m trying to do better. Surrounded by my sisters, clearly aware of the ones no longer here, I am particularly aware of how important it is to cherish all the moments of all the days…before they turn into yesterdays.