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X is a Verb (April A~Z Challenge)



I’ve been wracking my brain for days, trying to come up with a writing topic for the letter X. There are few choices! The ever so predictable “X-Ray” occupied my thoughts for a while. That was followed by “xylophone,” which I would be hard-pressed to write more than a sentence or two about, and then “Xavier,” which also drew a blank. I toyed with the idea of “xanthum gum,” which I’ve seen listed as an ingredient in foods…but I didn’t know anything about it beyond just that.

I had almost settled on “X marks the spot,” for which I was going to have to struggle to pull together an essay about maps or treasure hunting or something. Finally, joyously, it dawned on me: in my life, X is a verb!

I think, daily, in terms of what items I can “X off.” I have lists of chores, daily and monthly. I have lists of books I have read, and others I want to read. I keep lists of movies I want to see, podcasts I want to listen to and Ted Talks I want to watch. I have a Wish List, a Bucket List and a Long-Term Goals List. There is always something to be marked with an X.

I say, “I was able to X off a few things,” or “I Xed that off my movie list after I read the review,” or “I’m busy Xing off monthly chores today.”┬áNow, thanks to this revelation, I can successfully X off the blog post for the letter X!


Exhibit A


Exhibit B