Daily Archives: April 8, 2018

The 52 Lists (for Happiness) Project #15



List the things you want to say “No” to:

  • No, first of all, to the alarm clock. I would rather I never had to hear it again. I am no longer enchanted by the snooze button and the 6 stolen minutes it gives me. I am tired of its glowing face. No.
  • No to dieting. Oh, I hate it so much: the portion control; the limits on starches; the lack of desserts. I long for the days when I weighed 95 pounds and could eat whatever I wanted.
  • No to work at the hardware. Though I love my customers and enjoy the people I work with…and though I greatly appreciate the paycheck…I amĀ so ready to retire!
  • No to reversing regulations that were put in place to keep our air and water clean. We don’t need to go backward, here! There has to be a better way to create and keep jobs. I’d be perfectly willing to sacrifice the extra 40 cents the recent tax cut added to my paycheck, in order to protect our world.
  • No to all the meanness, sniping, name-calling and nastiness that is so common these days. No! Emphatically, NO! I want everyone to remember their manners, imagine that their grandmother is listening to the way they are talking, stop all the negativity…and just BE NICE! Vote to support your views…but stop the hating, and all the hate talk!
  • No, thank you, to more snow and cold. I’ve had enough – more than enough, really – and am ready to move right on into weather suitable for the season that is actually at hand. Let’s just put winter away for awhile!