Fiddlesticks…and other F Words



Face it, Cindy, you’re late again. Though this “F” day of the alphabet posts has been on the calendar for a week, here I am – at the very last possible moment – throwing an essay together (“Fudging it”, one might say).

Fact is, I had a little bit of a hard time coming up with a theme for the letter F.  I had run through fidget spinners, flounce, forever, and freezing. That brought me to freezer. I have a freezer! I could write about that!

For instance, I could tell how Aunt Katie bought it for me, and how I stored it for years in her garage, and how my cousins took to using it for their overflow of meats. I could relate that by the time Aunt Katie died, and her garage was being cleared out, I’d grown accustomed to not having a big chest freezer. But, I was also dealing with a severe lack of space in the small freezer above my refrigerator. I could tell about how small my kitchen is, and what I had to move, rearrange and get rid of, in order to make room for the freezer, once I decided to take it. I even took a couple photographs:


the freezer


once again

Forget it,” I thought, “five hundred words about a freezer? What a farce!”

Feeling like I was right back where I started from, I went back to running words through my mind. Fingers, feet, forgetfulness, fairies. Farmer, fisherman, foibles. Forewarned, forearmed. Feeble, forgetful. Fudge. My Dad made a wonderful fudge, but – without the recipe – I doubt I could come up with a whole essay. Funny, when it finally came to me, how easy it could be.

Flying! I am flying off the island in just a few days, in order to see my family (and file my taxes). My sisters – who are friends as well as family – and I are going to Florida together. Five sister will fly out of Flint for a week of fun in a place where it will not be freezing! The only downside is that, having failed at my diet and exercise plan, I am far too fat for flimsy summer clothes (flannels and fleece can hide a lot of flab!). Fretting over it is pure foolishness, though, and I won’t fritter away any more time focusing on fat!

I’m foundering now, with nothing further to say. I’m finished!

About cindyricksgers

I am an artist. I live on an island in northern Lake Michigan, USA. I have two grown daughters, four strong, smart and handsome grandsons and one beautiful, intelligent and charming granddaughter. I live with two spoiled dogs. I love walking in the woods around my home, reading, writing and playing in my studio.

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  1. How fun! Hope you all have a fabulous time in Florida. I have another girlfriend who travels with her sisters to places like Florida. They went to Naples this year. They are all originally from East Jordan.

  2. We went to Florida together the year after my mother died. There were six of us then, and we lit a candle each day to honor our sister, Sheila, who had died, too. It was a healing and joyous time, and we arranged to take a vacation each year. Easier said than done! Two years later, we went to Nashville together. Now, four years has passed, and we’ve lost our sister, Nita. That’s a constant reminder of how important it is to find the time, to make the arrangements, and to just do it! I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for reading, Kathy, and for your comments!

  3. Fabulously clever and fun post, Cindy. (Wish I could use bold in comments). I’m going to miss you when you go to Florida. I know you’ve scheduled your posts and I’ll keep reading and commenting, hoping you won’t forget me or Profound Journey and when you come home you’ll subscribe and be a forever friend on my site as I intend to be on yours.
    All my f’s for today. Oh except, have a great flight and a fun time with your siblings.

    F is for (The) Faraway Nearby

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